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Are you dissapointed with your current webhost? Move your website now to Web Hosting Bali!!
It is not easy for your to move your website from your current hosting company to a new one. This is caused by fear of file loss, website malfunction or fear of resetting all that you have created. Some hosting companies are not responsible for everything mentioned above. Not us! Web Hosting Bali 100 percent guarantees all your website files and settings to be in the same condition as before with no additional charge!!
There’s no need to re-create e-mail accounts, no need to back up any database.  Everything is 100% guaranteed! You would not even notice that the files have been transferred.
Are you still in doubt? Prove it yourself!
*Yes.. Web Hosting Bali guarantees all settings to remain unchanged during transfer. Web Hosting Bali has transfer method that is safe for your website. How does it work? Here is a brief explanation:

  1. Inform us of your cPanel account information
  2. After you have informed us, we will duplicate your account and you can access this duplicated account within hours
  3. You are welcomed to log-in and ensure that all settings on the control panel remained the same.
  4. To convince you that all settings and files remained the same, Web Hosting Bali is offering a 15 days free trial. If you are not satisfied you can easily cancel it.
  5. While going through the 4 steps above, your files and sites will not encounter any problem because the account that is being tested is the duplicated account.

Are you still skeptical? Prove it yourself!
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